North Georgia Angel House, 2019

Prior to getting help from HomeAid, North Georgia Angel House’s much-used kitchen was in dire need of an upgrade. Cabinets were moldy, water-damaged, and termites were invading the walls.  The space was stripped to the studs before the kitchen was transformed with new insulation, sheetrock, cabinets, countertops, flooring, walls, and even ceilings.  

In addition to the kitchen upgrade, multiple floods had resulted in wood rot in other areas of the home. When it rained, one utility room always flooded. After repeatedly ripping out soaked drywall and insulation, North Georgia Angel House staff decided to leave it as-is. Unfortunately, the closet also stored donated prom dresses that had to be discarded before they were ever worn.  To eliminate the water issues, a total landscape redesign was expertly handled by Southern Design Landscaping. The group re-graded and reconfigured landscaping, and built a retaining wall to prevent future water damage. B&D Concrete removed and re-poured concrete donated by Argos to direct water away from the house.

“When it rained on October 15, it was the first time in years that I didn’t immediately have to use the Shop Vac and fan to clean up our usual flood. We are so grateful to Taylor Morrison and Southern Design Landscaping for finally fixing our water intrusion issues, and to HomeAid for connecting us and facilitating all the work that was done. We can’t wait to use our amazing new countertops and cabinets, thanks to Granite Cabinet Direct. Our new floors look amazing, thanks to Atlanta Flooring Design Centers!” said Susan Worsley, North Georgia Angel House Executive Director.

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