CAPN Clinic, 2007

CAPN is a free-of-charge health clinic dedicated to serving the medical needs of Atlanta’s homeless.  People who are homeless often lack access to even the most basic health care services.  

The mission of CAPN is to strengthen the lives of persons who are medically underserved and to help interrupt the cycle of poverty and homelessness.  CAPN, which has been in existence for more than 20 years, provides child and adult health screenings, immunizations, care of common illnesses, dental care, eye exams and glasses and many other health services. 

Construction began in January 2006 on the new facility after HomeAid Atlanta partnered with CAPN to construct the facility, and recruited John Willis Homes to serve as the Builder Captain for the project.  John Willis Homes lead and coordinate the construction of the 600 square foot facility, which includes two exam rooms, office space, play/waiting areas, and an intake area.

Restricted access to health care leads to untreated disease and disability and contributes to homelessness.  CAPN is a safety net for families who have no other health care resources and provides health care services in a compassionate, sensitive and supportive manner.   The work of CAPN staff enables children to enter school or daycare, freeing mothers to look for employment or job training opportunities and helping to keep mothers employed since they do not have to take time off work for health care for themselves or their children. 

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