Our Building Model

HomeAid operates based on a simple, proven model - an easy, three step process:

  1. Identify and select a successful community Service Provider (homeless service agency) that seeks construction services to expand the capacity of their facility, through building a new facility or renovating an existing facility.
  2. Recruit a volunteer Builder Captain who manages the construction of the facility and assists in securing trade partners (plumbers, carpenters, painters, electricians, etc.) to provide in-kind labor, materials or services.
  3. This team works together to build or renovate the facility, with a goal of serving a larger number of children, women and men experiencing homelessness. When complete, the facility is owned and operated by the Service Provider.

The key to HomeAid Atlanta's success is leveraging in-kind donations of building materials and labor from professional builders and their trade partners to multiply the impact of every cash donation received. This allows HomeAid Atlanta to build housing with minimal cash, enabling Service Providers to focus their limited resources and attention on direct service programs for people experiencing homelessness (e.g. job training, counseling, vocational skills, budgeting and parenting classes), helping families and individuals move beyond their temporary situation, get back on their feet, and regain lives of self-sufficiency.

Every dollar invested in HomeAid Atlanta results in an average of $2 of in-kind labor and materials.